Cooking together – Tortillas

My church supports a household of the Service Adventure program here in Raleigh, where a group of older teens (17-20) come to live together for a year, to work and volunteer within the community.  They have weekly “learning components” where they have to learn or teach something new.  So tonight, the group came over to my house and Debora taught us how to make various Tortillas de verduras – vegetable frittatas (pronounced “tor-tee-zhah”, Argentinians pronounce the double LL differently).  Debora is one of the household participants who is a native Argentinian, so I’ve been talking with her a lot this month about food from her country.

The recipe is very simple, just heat any mixture of vegetables and meat (this recipe is a great way to use leftovers!) in a large skillet over medium heat until heated through, then pour beaten eggs over the top and let it cook well.  In Argentina, they have special double-sided skillets that can be flipped to cook both sides, but that’s a little tricky in a regular skillet, so we ended up slowly cooking them on one side until the eggs were cooked through and firm. A non-stick skillet worked best. You can add in some Italian herbs or other spices to the beaten eggs if you like, and top the tortilla with cheese at the end.

We made three types of tortillas, one with potato and onion, one with corn and onion, and one primavera (spinach, tomato, green pepper, onion, and basil).  All were very good, but I especially liked the primavera mixture.  We found that it was important to make sure that all of the ingredients are hot in the skillet before adding the beaten eggs, otherwise the eggs cooked unevenly and the bottom burned before the eggs were cooked through. We made some garlic bread to go along with the tortillas as well.

For dessert, Debora and Khalicia made Alfajores last night.  These are a traditional favorite in both Argentina and Uruguay, made of dulce de leche sandwiched between two cookies and rolled in coconut. The cookies are unlike any recipe I’ve seen elsewhere, they are actually made with corn starch rather than flour as the dry ingredient. I had some leftover mango mousse with berry sauce that was frozen from last week, so we had that with the cookies for dessert.


2 responses to “Cooking together – Tortillas

  1. These all look amazing and mouth-watering!
    Glad to be able to catch up on some of these old ones. Looks like such a fun evening :D.

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