Salpicón de Argentina

Wikipedia defines salpicon as “a term in French cuisine applied to a preparation consisting of one or more ingredients, diced or minced, and bound with a sauce”. From a quick Google search, it is obvious that the word has come to mean a wide variety of dishes in the different cultures of Central and South America and Europe. In Argentina, salpicón is a salad of pickles with diced vegetables, some cooked and some raw.  Meat or fish is added to the vegetables, and the whole is bound together with mayonnaise and mild herbs such as oregano, garlic or parsley. Rice, beans and potatoes can also be added. In other words, it’s a general concept that can be made with whatever mixture of ingredients strikes your fancy. Or in this case, whatever ingredients were leftover in my kitchen!

Chicken Salpicón
1 chicken breast, boiled and cubed
green pepper, diced
cucumber, diced
carrot, thickly sliced and cooked until tender
celery, diced
[I had some leftover cooked green beans too, but forgot to add them until after the picture…]
about 2-3 Tbsp. mayonnaise
finely diced dill pickles
oregano, black pepper, and salt to taste

I mixed up the ingredients and served the salpicón over a bed of romaine lettuce, lightly dressed in a simple vinaigrette. Another suggestion was to use the salpicón as a stuffing for a halved fresh tomato. Simple, quick, and delicious!


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