Kuku sabzi

Kuku (also spelled Kookoo) is kind of like a frittata, but with less egg and more other ingredients. From looking at various Iranian cookbooks and websites, it seems that just about any vegetable or meat combination can be used in kuku, though eggplant and green beans are especially popular ingredients. Kuku can be eaten as a main dish or an appetizer.

One favorite type of kuku eaten around New Year is herb kuku, or kuku sabzi. Since this is the season of Persian New Year (first day of spring), I decided to try the dish. Chopping the herbs is the most time-consuming part, then just mix everything together and cook slowly for about 40 minutes. I enjoyed the kuku with a bowl of roasted red pepper and tomato soup from a soup swap that I hosted back in January (not Iranian soup, but it complemented the dish nicely!).

There’s just enough egg to hold everything together, but the other ingredients are the star of the show, it’s not an ‘eggy’ final dish like a quiche or omelette. It was actually very much like the Argentinian tortilla dish that I made back in November – I love finding these random similarities in cuisines across the world from each other!

The recipe I used is already posted online, with pictures of every step on this Persian cooking blog that I discovered: http://mypersiankitchen.com/kuku-sabzi-persian-frittata-with-fresh-herbs/

I halved the recipe, using 2 eggs plus 1 egg yolk, and I omitted the barberries because I haven’t yet been to an Iranian market where I could find that ingredient. Some of the other variations added saffron and/or cinnamon, leeks, or dried currants. The ratio of herbs also varied greatly between recipes, it’s up to the taste of the chef and what herbs are on hand at the time.  The kuku also should have been a bit thicker than I made mine, one source said they’re typically 2 inches thick.


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