Green pancakes – Farçous

I’ve been listening to Splendid Table podcasts while I cook, and this particular day they were describing a French pancake or thick crepe, called Farçous.  The recipe calls for swiss chard greens, but since I had some lovely beet greens waiting in the refrigerator, I decided to use those instead.  So I immediately went up to the computer, printed out the recipe from the website, and made a batch!

I ended up with these savory thin green pancakes which I greatly enjoyed with a little feta cheese on the side. They really are more like a thick crepe, as there’s no leavening in the pancake other than the eggs.

Find the recipe here: – I just substituted beet greens instead, and then I cooked them in a non-stick pan with very little oil.  The recipe is blended together in a food processor with very little effort for a great reward.  Get your kids to eat their greens by telling them it’s an extension of green eggs and ham… and pancakes!


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