Caribbean Sweet Potato Salad

So now that I’m flitting around the world in my cooking (rather than focusing on one country per month), one thing I want to do is try out some recipes and cookbooks that I’ve collected over the years but never actually made. After spending the morning gleaning sweet potatoes on Saturday, this sweet potato salad seemed like a really good idea – and I wasn’t disappointed!

Sweet potatoes and regular potatoes are mixed with corn, cucumber and onion, tossed with a mustard vinaigrette and garnished with cilantro and peanuts. The tart viniagrette does a nice job of balancing the sweetness of the potatoes and corn, and there’s a nice level of crunch from the cucumber and peanuts.  It may not really be ‘Caribbean’, but it’s delicious and highly recommended.

Looking at the formatting of the recipe in my notebook, I realized that I originally copied it from  So rather than typing it all out again – here it is – Caribbean Sweet Potato Salad   The only change that I made was to increase the amount of vinaigrette a little bit, since I started with a really large sweet potato.


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