Tofu Keema

I ran across this recipe as I was searching the other day – preparing to teach a small class of folks from my church about different ways to cook with tofu. Since I was looking for unique tofu cooking methods, this one for tofu keema caught my attention from 

Prior to preparing the dish, the block of tofu is frozen, thawed and then crumbled (the recipe says “minced” – but it looks basically crumbled in the photo so that’s what I did). Prepared this way, it tastes and acts a lot like scrambled eggs.

After the advance preparation of the tofu, this is an easy-to-prepare vegetarian dish, and very tasty. I’d recommend squeezing the tofu block after it is thawed to remove some of the liquid. I’d also recommend using a non-stick pot or deep pan to cook this dish, the tofu started sticking to my saute pan (again like scrambled eggs!) towards the end of cooking. The amount of jalapeno pepper can be varied depending on how hot you like your meal, and I added that pepper along with the tomatoes rather than at the end since I preferred to have it fully cooked and blended into the dish. Eating it with a bit of yogurt or raita will help temper the spice as well.

Most of all, make sure you use a good curry powder with a blend of spices that smells really good to you. Most Indian cooks don’t even have “curry powder” in their kitchens, but add portions of each individual spice according to the requirements of the dish and their own tastes. Curry powders that you buy in the store are blends of those spices and can vary greatly in their content and taste.


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