Dominican Republic, Part 3

Here’s my final installment of food odds and ends from my recent trip to the Dominican Republic. Janelle’s neighborhood of Montellano has a couple of small restaurants that serve a limited number of items for lunch and dinner – about as close as they get to “fast food”, and so much healthier I’m sure! She likes this place because they serve a good herbed rotisserie chicken.

I ordered habichuelas with rice and guisado (stewed) pork. Really good, typical Dominican meal. The servings of rice around there always seemed to be huge!

Another day, after shopping at La Sirena (an upscale grocery and everything else store in Puerto Plata), we ate at the cafeteria upstairs. I had moros (black beans and rice) and pollo guisado (stewed chicken). And I must have been hungry, because it was mostly gone before I realized I hadn’t taken a photo! :) This dessert was the standout though, called something like pudin ___ pozo(?) (really should have written down the whole name). I need to find a recipe for this! It reminded me of the flavor of those pecan twirls my brother and I enjoyed as kids, and the texture was wonderfully dense and rich.

One day we served a meal at home and invited one of Janelle’s coworkers to join us. We used the broken eggs from the Easter egg dyeing to make egg salad sandwiches. I bought a tayota (also known as chayote or guisquil) and I made a chayote and carrot salad similar to this recipe I tried in Cuban cooking month last year. We cut up some mangos, and fried up some frozen yucca bollitas we had bought at the grocery store to try, filled with cheese. It was a random, but fun meal, followed by watching Pride and Prejudice on Janelle’s laptop while torrents of rain fell outside.

In Puerto Plata, we visited an Austrian pastry store. There weren’t a lot of options, but all of them looked delicious. Since the DR is rum country (they even greet you at the airport with a little shot of rum!), I decided on a rum ball, mmmm…..


The local “bomba” (gas station) where you go to catch a ride on public transportation, has a small ice cream shop. One hot day we stopped by for a paleta/popsicle, and I chose to try the local flavor bizcocho (cake flavored) treat – yum!  Another time I had a passion fruit popsicle, both really delicious. Planning to check out my local latino grocery stores to see if any of these exotic flavors are available in NC :)

We got fresh fruit juices twice at this same little shop (colmado). How refreshing to get a big cup of ice-cold sweetened fruit juice, the real deal – I first tried cherry juice, and then pineapple the second time through. Both were absolutely delicious and so wonderfully cold while walking around on a hot day.


3 responses to “Dominican Republic, Part 3

  1. I love your blog and keenly appreciate the concept behind it: exploring cultures through food to become one instead of “others”. Chiming in though to also say wat a wonderful trip – lucky you – and thanks for sharing. The rum ball looks extraordinarily yummy by the way.

    • Thanks – looks like I should follow your blog too! Years ago at our International Festival, I had a bowl of Ashe reshtah and loved it! But I had no idea what else I was missing until I cooked a month of Persian food. Some of my favorites were cauliflower kuku and khoresh e-mast.

      • I’d be delighted if you followed my blog but totally your call! Ha ha. And oh, those food you mentioned, they are all delicious food, now my mouth is watering! I plan to go through your archives and check out the Persian food month. Keep up the great work and look forward to reading savor the world.

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