June Foodie Penpals

So here’s the result of my June foodie penpal swap!  For the third month, I’ve received a box from a different person, and it’s such a fun surprise each time. This month, I got a box of yummy snacks from Emily in NYC, of http://idratherwalk.com/

What a fun box, I’ll enjoy everything here! I love sesame (oat bran) sticks – my favorite part of an Asian snack mix, and dried apples remind me of my childhood when we used to dry our own fruit from the orchard around my house – these are good quality ones that actually taste like apples.

I haven’t ever tried stroopwafels, but as much as I love wafers and maple-flavored items, I’m sure they’ll be delicious. She suggests placing them over the top of a hot beverage for a few seconds to warm it up before eating and dunking. Dark chocolate is always a favorite, and as long as the chili flavoring is mild it can add a nice punch to a chocolate bar. Still working on an Escazu Beaufort Bar (dark chocolate and sea salt), but as soon as that one is finished, I’ll break into this one.

I couldn’t (and didn’t) wait to open the cashews, flavored with lemongrass and mild chile and including dried pineapple cubes. This is a treat I probably won’t get again, I’ve never seen these cashews anywhere around here. Oh wait! Just looked them up online and it appears that I may be able to find them locally at Whole Foods or Kroger, woo-hoo!! I’ll be keeping my eyes open for them :)

Thanks Emily!!


3 responses to “June Foodie Penpals

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  2. What an intriguing cashew mix! That’s a great picture of them!

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