Taste of Chicago

A photo journal of food consumed on my recent trip to Chicago (for a work conference).  Lucked out to have the Taste of Chicago going on across the street from my hotel in Grant Park!

Cuban banana fritter stuffed with pork

Pad Thai

Cooking demo with Chef Arun Sampanthavivat

Fancy carved veggies for the plating (cucumber, carrot and yes – bloomin’ onion!)

Wow… Larb (a spicy ground chicken salad)

The Original Rainbow Cone

Gyoza and next two items from dinner at Tamarind Asian Cafe

Jajangmyeon (or Jia Jiang Mein) – Korean noodles in black bean sauce – yep, I’m gonna have to try this one out at home!

Nirvana – appropriate name, never had a better mixed drink at an Asian restaurant – tamarind, grendine, and rum.

Tilapia tacos from Hackney’s Printers’ Row

Green River lime soda, developed in 1919 as a prohibition-era drink. Actually doesn’t have a very strong lime flavor, but wow – is it green!

Lunch at a sushi place, not amazing – but who knew I’d have to go to Chicago for some sweet potato sushi? (top and bottom left)

Not pictured, an amazing Indian buffet lunch at Chicago Curry House, and a Seafood Salad at Margaritaville on Navy Pier!  Also, no photos of an amazing tapas lunch from Mercat a la Planxa – watermelon gazpacho, crab salad crostini, and hanger steak on a potato croquette. I love eating in big cities! :)


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