We’re back, and headed to Korea!

Just a quick post to let you know that I’m updating the blog and will be starting to investigate Korean food in the next month or two. Last year, I was busy with finalizing, editing, and publishing the new International Festival cookbook, “Flavors of the Triangle”, which was unveiled at the 2012 Festival in September. Between that crazy project, a lot of travel and some health issues in 2012, I was sadly lacking in my posts for the year.

But I’m back in 2013, and excited to be looking into Korean food in the next month or two. The only Korean dish I’ve previously made, and a recipe that I’ll be sharing with you later this week, is Japchae. I’m also hoping to re-create some dishes I’ve enjoyed at Korean restaurants in the past, including bibimbap and Korean BBQ. Korean cuisine is similar to Japanese, and I’m curious to learn about the similarities and differences and how those may have evolved with the cultures of the neighboring countries.

I won’t be holding myself to a strict schedule for posting, and I may intersperse some non-Korean recipes in between. This modification to my original plan will help keep it fun for me and maintain my sanity… I will also try to cook with a bias towards the more healthy foods of the world, which may mean that they’re not always completely authentic/traditional recipes. With those caveats stated (those were limitations I was putting on myself anyway!), I hope that I and my readers will enjoy the return of Savor the World.Flavors-of-the-Triangle-cover

Oh – and as for the cookbook, we’ve mostly sold out of our printed copies from the first printing!  The cookbook is an updated version of one that was published in 1994. It was compiled from submissions of the cultural groups that participate in the Festival each year, and the new edition was expanded to include recipes from over 50 different cultures! I have a few more available if anyone local is interested, just let me know.  Haven’t decided yet about when to print the next batch, and we will also be coming out with an e-book version sometime this year – I’ll let you know about any updates.


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