Walnut Ice Cream

Asian cuisines often have limited dessert options, so when I saw this recipe on a Korean cooking blog for walnut ice cream, I had to try it.  It probably wouldn’t be considered ‘traditional’ Korean, but any excuse for ice cream works at my house :)

The ice cream base for this is quite simple to put together, and turned out very creamy and delicious. Not a low-fat recipe for sure, it made less than 1 quart of ice cream that worked well in my smaller ice cream machine. The batch would probably serve about 4 people as a dessert on its own. Or a few more if you just add one scoop on top of a slice of homemade apricot pie, like I’ve been doing this week, yum!

walnut ice cream

The recipe was followed directly from what is posted on Aerie’s Kitchen blog, except that I didn’t bother straining any of it along the way. If you feel like your custard got lumpy, I’d definitely strain that part, but mine seemed smooth. And I rather enjoy a bit of walnutty grainy-ness in the ice cream itself, so I didn’t strain it after adding the walnuts either.

I used a small capacity Cuisinart ice cream freezer to get a really smooth texture, but there are directions in the recipe about how to make it if you don’t have an ice cream machine. I’m going to hang onto this ice cream custard base recipe – seems like it could be used for a lot of other flavors too!


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