About Me

I’m Karin Shank, a former scientist now research librarian in the Research Triangle Park, NC, where I conduct science and business research in biotechnology.  As a librarian, I get to spend my days learning new things – it’s like getting paid to be a continual student, which is a perfect career for me!

In this blog, I’m inviting you to join me in another of my passions – exploring other cultures through food.  By welcoming others into our lives they are no longer others – they become neighbors.  Food can be a great starting point in building this kind of cross-cultural understanding and making neighbors.  I’m not saying that bonding over food will save the world and resolve problems like immigration, wars, global poverty and hunger – but maybe it’s a small step in the right direction.  It’s easier to solve these kinds of issues when you know and respect your neighbor, whether that neighbor is across the street or on the other side of the world.  Plus it’s a deliciously enjoyable way to start a conversation….  So come along, let’s Savor the World together!

Since 2010, I have been volunteering with the International Festival of Raleigh, as co-chair of the cooking demonstration committee.  In 2012, we unveiled our newly-edited cookbook full of international recipes from these local groups, titled “Flavors of the Triangle”.  It’s not available for sale online, but if you’re local and want a copy – let me know!  We’re also hoping to have an e-book for purchase sometime in 2013. Flavors-of-the-Triangle-cover

I should probably also mention that my parents own Shank’s Bakery in Virginia – where I enjoy helping out on my vacations!