The Concept

I greatly enjoy exploring and creating foods from different cultures, but it makes for a stocked-full pantry of rarely-used ingredients!  It can be time-consuming, expensive and wasteful to shop for a week of cooking that jumps from Indian to Japanese to Bolivian to Greek.  It’s a lot of fun to eat that way, but it’s kind of impractical in the kitchen, especially when most of the time I’m just cooking for one.

So here’s my plan – I’ll focus on one country per month and blog about it.  Each month will be dedicated to learning about a specific country’s culture, particularly their foods.  I’ll share pictures and recipes of what I’m cooking, and my local friends will probably even get to share in the eating!  I also hope to have some time during the month to read and learn more about each country, attend a local festival, a cooking class, and/or meet with local friends or associations – building friendships and making new neighbors.  The fun thing about being in the Triangle region of NC is that there is a lot of ethnic diversity, and I already have many local friends and co-workers with a variety of heritages who can help me learn.  I hope that by immersing myself in each culture this way I can learn enough about the cooking methods and flavors to move from strictly following recipes to the point where I feel comfortable using the ingredients and spices in more spontaneous and innovative ways.

I hope that you’ll join me on my quest to Savor the World, one dish at a time!

UPDATE: Thanks for all your wonderful support of this blog concept! After a year of following a monthly country theme, I determined that I just couldn’t keep up that pace indefinitely. So while I’ll continue to share international dishes of interest on the blog, they will not always be themed monthly. The overall frequency of posts will probably also decrease to 1 or 2 posts per week. I may even occasionally throw in a delicious and healthy recipe that isn’t necessarily what you might consider “international” – but hey, it had to come from somewhere, right??