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Malva Pudding

In my quest to search out new recipes for our 20th Anniversary International Festival cookbook, a South African friend recommended Malva Pudding. Apparently, it’s a very popular dessert in the country, and publicized in the U.S. by Oprah a few years back. The recipe that was given to me was actually a link to – so I tried it!

As with other “puddings” in the U.K. and related countries, this is not the dairy-based custard that we typically call ‘pudding’ in the U.S.  Rather, it is a moist baked cake.  I followed the Oprah recipe and baked it in a 9-inch square casserole (the size of pan wasn’t really stated in the recipe), which seemed to work well.

A cream mixture is poured onto the cake halfway through baking, and you can see from my photo that it kind of pooled in the middle of my cake. I maybe should have waited just a bit longer for the middle of the cake to be more cooked through so that the cream would have distributed more evenly. But it was all very delicious. There wasn’t a strong flavor to it, just kind of a warm, sweet, moist, yummy-ness to end the meal. Definitely best eaten soon out of the oven, though I was able to warm up a serving or two for the next day in the microwave.