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Cookbook and blog plans

Because of the tight timeline and some temporary (we hope!) issues with our publisher, we are unfortunately not going to be able to publish the International Festival cookbook in time for this year’s festival :(  The good news is that we should now have plenty of time to test recipes, take photos and layout a really nice cookbook for next year’s festival.  That will make it a 20th anniversary edition, since the first edition was published in 1992. It also means that I’ll still be back to bug some of you who promised me recipes but haven’t delivered yet! :)

So I won’t be needing to try a bunch of recipes submitted for the cookbook, at least not all by the end of August. But I will be pretty busy between now and the end of September with getting everything set up for our cooking demonstration booth. I’ll also be planning for a week’s trip to Denver to visit, help out around the house and feed my 2 and 4-year old nephews (and their parents).  My current plan is to cook from Moroccan cuisine as I have time through the end of September.  But because I’ll probably need some quicker items and variety too, I’ll alternate Moroccan with other recipes from the International Festival cookbook submissions. And on the side I’ll be testing a few “kid-friendly” and freezer-ready foods for my trip to Denver.

This variety will be a good transition into the second year of my blog, because I don’t think I’ll be able to keep up the pace I’ve set for myself this past year!  It has been a blast to cook from a different country each month, but it’s also very time-consuming to try and learn the history, sift through cookbooks, and find obscure ingredients. Very fun time spent, but I need to slow it down a bit. I’m not sure exactly where it’ll end up, but I always love cooking internationally so I’m sure I’ll still have some great recipes, festivals, restaurants, cooking lessons and meals to share on the blog. The difference being that blog posts will be at a lesser frequency (probably just once or twice a week), and not on a concurrent theme.